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Echinacea is widely known for its immune-stimulating activity. According to a meta-analysis published in the Lancet evaluating 14 studies, Echinacea cuts the chances of catching the common cold virus by 58 percent and reduces its duration by almost one-and-a-half days. Echinacea can also help clear airflow through the lungs and reduce inflammation that constricts air flow in the lungs.
Self-heal offers an extra boost to help the body fight off viral and bacterial infections. Self-heal can help balance the immune function and lower the risk of upper respiratory infections. Self-heal can reduce chronic inflammation and seasonal allergies. Therefore, consuming Self-heal regularly can help reduce symptoms of seasonal allergy.
Black cumin, or black seed as it is commonly known, offers immune-stimulating activity by helping to regulate immune marker. This exotic herb has been shown to reduce levels of inflammatory cells associated with allergies and other autoimmune problems. Thymoquinone is the main active ingredient in the black cumin seed, and has been shown to inhibit malfunctioned proteins associated with autoimmune disorders. Black cumin can also fight off harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections.
Black Elderberry, has gained popularity today for its effectiveness in treating the viral cases of the flu, common cold and the herpes simplex virus.  A study in the U.S. National Library of Medicine concluded that elderberry helped reduce the duration of flu symptoms. Ongoing research has confirmed compounds in elderberry could specifically block the entry of a virus into cells and therefore prevent the replication of that virus. Elderberries are high in phytonutrients, but because they contain a poisonous cyanide-producing chemical, they should be cooked before consumption and never consumed raw.

Red Clover is rich in calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, vitamin C, potassium, and thiamine. This nutritious herb is known to have a spectrum of bioflavonoids that enhance the immune system by targeting the underlying factors that result in respiratory congestion, asthma, and cough.

Garlic, widely used in cooking, has been used as a medicine throughout history to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases. Garlic contains Diallyl sulfide; according to a study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, diallyl sulfide was found to be 100 times more effective than several antibiotics in fighting a notorious bacterium known to cause intestinal infections. Another study published in American Family Physician concluded that regular consumption of garlic can help reduce the frequency of an infection caused by the cold virus.
Cinnamon offers a delightful taste to the BHealthy Immune Support. The delectable spice supports the immune system by fighting harmful germs like viruses, fungi and bacteria. The antimicrobial activity of cinnamon is due to its rich supply of antioxidant polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, and essential oils like cinnamyl acetate, cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamaldehyde.
Turmeric is a spice widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and is an essential ingredient to the BHealthy’s Immune Support. Curcumin, the antioxidant found in turmeric, helps provide an anti-inflammatory effect. This powerful bioflavinoid has been found to decrease elevated levels of inflammatory markers during an autoimmune disease flareup. Other anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can help reduce symptoms of allergies such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and a runny nose.
Dandelion aids the immune system function and helps fight off harmful microbes. Dandelion roots contain a diverse array of bioflavonoids, which help the immune system fight off bacteria, viruses and the abnormal growth of cells. Dandelion also helps the body detox by transporting toxins out of the body which could hinder the bodies immune function.
Fennel is useful in respiratory infections due to its expectorant properties and is a great addition to the BHealthy Immune Support. The expectorant activity can help combat cough, congestion, and bronchitis. The essential oils found in fennel seeds can help stimulate digestive secretions, reduces inflammation in the stomach, and facilitate nutrient absorption from food. Fennel is rich in vitamin-C and therefore can offer a boost to the immune system.
BHealthy Honey Immune Support is an excellent source of intact honey activities plus herbal food supplements that support a healthy immune system. The herbal foods include: Echinacea, Elderberry, Cinnamon, Turmeric, ginger, self heal, black seed, fennel and much more.